Chinarank - websites ranking and traffic measurement: the Alexa of China?

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I recently stumbled upon Chinarank, a Chinese website that seems very similar to Alexa Internet in the US. They provide traffic data on websites, lists of the most popular websites in China and even a toolbar (just like Alexa) that users can download and install in their browser. Most of the website is in Chinese, however they do have an English version for their special “Olympics Online Traffic Measurement” section that provides traffic statistics for the Olympics period.

According to Chinarank, the most popular Olympic-related search keywords in China on August 26th are (translated to English):

  1. Ai Fukuhara
  2. Beijing welcomes you
  3. He Wenna
  4. Joey Yung
  5. Guo Jingjing
  6. Liu Xiang
  7. Andy Lau
  8. Han Xue
  9. Nicholas Tse
  10. Lauren Jackson
  11. Olympics Closing Ceremony
  12. Bird nest
  13. Kelly Chen
  14. Kobe
  15. Stefanie Sun
  16. Ye Li
  17. Rain
  18. Phelps
  19. Olympics
  20. Zhang Yining

According to Chinarank, currently the most popular websites in China are:

  1. - provides webpage, music, picture and news search
  2. - portal
  3. - portal and offical website of QQ, the most popular IM client in China
  4. - portal
  5. - portal, also provides free webmail and photo albums
  6. - consumer to consumer auction/e-commerce site
  8. - localized chinese version of
  10. - online video sharing

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